7 Top Salesforce Apps and Plugins You Need to Grow Your Business.

If you are looking for different ways to ensure that your sales increase, you may need more than just an advertising team. You need maximum use of current resources and productivity. You might need a new approach to solve problems that may arise and keep a closer look at your team’s work. You will also need proper analytics, data, and food insights. There are some things that salesforce cannot do. Luckily, some other apps will help you get all that is missing.


There are very many apps but here are the best apps that you need:
• InsideView. This app’s main aim is to deliver the right messages at the right time and to the right person. It triggers events and analysis your social network connections. If your salesforce contact base is a bit lacking, the inside view will provide you with updating and importing features. It also lets you monitor over 30000 sources to get sales intelligence.

Sales Intelligence

helps you to execute shifts, business mergers, and the release of new products. Those in your sales team can also look at valuable information from prospects, and it lets you track activities from their profiles and also act at the right moment.

• Marketo analytics. This app helps you bolster your marketing campaigns and improve lead quality. It will easily help you create landing pages. It also has an in-built lead scoring ability.

The system handles lead scoring with a fresh approach and saves effort and time.

• Demand tools. Salesforce tools such as salesforce dx can be time tedious. This app will go beyond the salesforce data loader to provide you with improved and more enhanced structure while also automating some tedious admin duties. It also removes duplicates and cleans up standardized data to sort it easily.

• Cirrus Insight. If you are using Google apps along with salesforce, cirrus insights will help you integrate Salesforce with Office 365. You can also track emails and see when and where they have been opened and on which device. Integration is easy and fast. It makes managing effortless.

• Conga composer. This app will help take your salesforce fields and objects and turn them into documents. It works very well with HTML-based emails and PDF forms to help you create more invoices, proposals, and quotes. It uses existing rules to distribute and craft reports automatically. The most valuable feature has to be its ability to integrate within your existing Salesforce workflow. You can also schedule solutions and use event triggers to increase productivity.

Geopointe mapping Analytics. For most businesses or companies who need to unlock

WHERE in customer data, Geopointe will provide systems like Google maps. They help create boundaries and assign territories. This tool also helps improve salespeople’s productivity.

• Gravity forms and WordPress. Gravity forms plugin will move data from your contact forms to salesforce. You may also use the built-in web-lead system.


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