Sponsored Post and Advertising Information

Do you want to promote your business on Startupfounders.net?

You asked and now we are offering a limited number of sponsored posts. As ad space is limited we screen carefully.

Sponsorship on Startupfounders.net will introduce your business to a large group of readers. Our community is very active so we are always looking for products and services to introduce to our readers.

Our sponsored opportunities range from sponsored blog posts to ad placements.

Sponsorship offers your business a unique opportunity to get the word out about your brand. Advertising on Startupfounders.net is a cost-effective way to market your business.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Sponsored Post – The advertiser provides the sponsored post. For an additional fee, our team can write the blog post for you. Your blog post should be more than an advertisement. A great sponsored post teaches. It provides valuable information. If your blog post reads like an advertisement, it will be less effective than a well-written article.  The sponsored post should be valuable content for our readers. The better the quality of your post the more people will read it.

Sponsored post requirements:

  • Your post must be your own work, and it must be published on Startupfounders.net before it has been published anywhere else.
  • The sponsored post should be no less than 500 words. We recommend a minimum of 750-words.
  • Make sure your article provides valuable facts and figures.
  • You must have permission to use any images you include in your sponsored post.

Sponsored Post with Writing Service – Don’t have the time to write your sponsored post? No problem. For an additional fee, we can write it for you.

Side Bar Ad – Ad size is 250 x 250. Your ad will repeat on all blog posts on the Startupfounders.net site and will link to your URL.