28 Ways To Guarantee Mediocrity

1. Start Tomorrow
2. Read Books. Do Nothing.
3. Take advice from poor people on how to be rich.
4. Pick a spouse who makes you feel guilty about working.
5. Fail once, quit forever.
6. Think the world is fair.
7. Blame your circumstances.
8. Complain.
9. Expect the government to save you.
10. Value the opinion of others over your own.
11. Avoid Discomfort.
12. Tolerate Mediocrity.
13. Make promises. Break promises.
14. Wait for perfect conditions.
15. Prioritize looking rich over being rich.
16. Avoid working on what matters most.
17. Say you’re going to do something. Don’t do it.
18. Do what everyone else is doing.
19. Do “your best” not what it takes.
20. Talk more. Do less.
21. Start something new today. Start something new tomorrow. Repeat.
22. Believe what other people think of you, more than what you think of you.
23. Make a mistake. Repeat mistake.
24. Be replaceable.
25. Find something that works. Stop doing it.
26. Hire dumb people.
27. Assume you’re always right.
28. Make money. Spend more than what you made.
Want to guarantee success? Do the opposite.
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Credit: @alexhormozi by Twitter


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