Company Phone Email Country
Al Aabed Contracting Company 2230210 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Turabi Importing Co. 2953877 [email protected] Palestine
Fatooh co for cars trade 2944639 [email protected] Palestine
Awad Fataftah Partnership 2583554 [email protected] Palestine
Zaloumko Furniture Investment Company 2228149 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Sadeq Company For Construction Materials Trade 2221313 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Za’faran Marble Co. 2760786 -2776111 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Zahra’ Technology Com. 2960674 [email protected] Palestine
Zahret Al-Muda’an Fashion Company 2227156 [email protected] Palestine
Elabood For Trading & Investment 2972026 [email protected] Palestine
Lamasat General Trading Co. 2971655 [email protected] Palestine
The Palestinian for Distribution & Logistic Services Co. 2974444 Palestine
Al-Haya Food Industries Co. Ltd. 2796804 Palestine
Extreme Technology Co. 2989851 [email protected] Palestine
west bank salts company 26284427 [email protected] Palestine
Palestinian group for drinks 2683483 [email protected] Palestine
Wajde Al-Remawi For Alluminum &Trading Co 2900057 [email protected] Palestine
AlAmin for Trading & Industry Company 2403966 [email protected] Palestine
vegetable oil Industries Co. 2324161 [email protected] Palestine
Verona Co. Ltd. 2744552 [email protected], Palestine
Verona Co. Ltd. 2744552 [email protected], Palestine
Venus Trading Company 2250662 [email protected] Palestine
United New Land Investment Co. 2750554 [email protected] Palestine
The Holy Land 2671513 [email protected] Palestine
Ali Abu Salah’s and Sons for electronic Co. 2686666 [email protected] Palestine
Tosetti Copmany For Shoes Manufacturing 2220433 [email protected] Palestine
International Mod. Co. for Marble & Qurries 2747903 [email protected] Palestine
The Good Shepherd For Oreintal souvenirs & Inv. Ltd 2774485 [email protected] Palestine
Ali Thawabtah & Brother Mohanad 2769252 [email protected], Palestine
TELE CIRCLE CO 02-2269777 [email protected] Palestine
Techno – Line Co. 6560077 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Ramiz Company For Trade & Wood Manufacturing 2234493 [email protected] Palestine
Tadmor LTD Co. 2471544 [email protected] Palestine
Nassem odeh for general trade 2942465 [email protected] Palestine
Tobar Project Development Company 241415/6 [email protected] Palestine
Tango Industrial Trading Company – 2340959- 0526295601-0505298954 [email protected] Palestine
Tango Industrial Trading Company – 2340959- 0526295601-0505298954 [email protected] Palestine
AlShaka’a Auto Parts Company 2959558 [email protected] Palestine
Tabarak General Trade Co. 5830815-2349225 [email protected] Palestine
NASEFCO Export, Import & General Trading CO. 50395044 [email protected] Palestine
Sun Laight for Trading & Investment Co 2902845 [email protected] Palestine
Sulaiman Mahmoud Faek Saleh 2599739 sulayman.saleh@yahoo. com Palestine
Azad for fashion 2946220 [email protected] Palestine
Smart Vision Advertising 2975747 [email protected] Palestine
Five Stars General Trading Co. Ltd. 2742817 [email protected] Palestine
Sma Phone Communications 2985838 [email protected] Palestine
Salah Al-Shweiki Fashion Est. 2745685 – 2770996 [email protected], Palestine
Al-Shorook Jewelry Company 2227531 [email protected] Palestine
Megatech Electr Solutions 2404538 [email protected] Palestine
Sasa co for general trade 2941182 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Saresi Stationery Co. 2987479 sarisi@palnet,com Palestine
Foundation Alshres for import and marketing 0599200010 [email protected] Palestine
The Engineering Manufacturing Co. EMCO”” 2953811 [email protected] Palestine
Al amer commercial co. 2943930 [email protected] Palestine
N.I.S. Trading & Industrial Co. Ltd. 2235060 [email protected] Palestine
Samarah Motors Co. 2965822 [email protected] Palestine
Smamah Com. For Maintnance , Cleaning And Trading 2404507 [email protected] Palestine
White Palace Corners Co. 2348859 [email protected] Palestine
Holy Land Mosaic Co. 2770067 [email protected] Palestine
Holy Land Import & Marketing Co. 2955682 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Reef for Investment and Agricultural Marketing . 2342420 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Quds Bank 2961750 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Salah Trade Company For Food Substances 2229960 [email protected] Palestine
Ready System Trading & Services Company 2954025 [email protected] Palestine
Saffa Farm 2488179 [email protected] Palestine
Sabri For Comp. & Communication System 2406656 [email protected] Palestine
International Line for Trading & Investment Co. 2977378 [email protected] Palestine
Leo Advanced Technologies Ltd. 2770920 [email protected], Palestine
Hijazi Stores For General Trade 6261013 [email protected]/[email protected] Palestine
Roza for Graner &Marbil Co 2954845 [email protected] Palestine
Abdeen Souvenirs Stores 6274526 [email protected] Palestine
Ramallah Factory Sentral Heating Com 2406146 [email protected] Palestine
Royal Cort Sweet Hotel 2964040 [email protected] Palestine
Al razan co for import & export 2949224 [email protected] Palestine
Rawa’h Trading Company – Jalal & Sonoqrot 2257480 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Alamieh For Matress Manufactory 2286640 [email protected] Palestine
Japan Technology Enterprise Ltd. 6273025 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Adawy Investment For General Trading Co. Ltd. 2741515 [email protected] Palestine
Mohammad Abu-Monshar For Constructions Materials 2227373 [email protected] Palestine
Radwan hamze company 2683744 [email protected] Palestine
Radwan Abu-Snainie General Trade Company 2234005 [email protected] Palestine
Overseas Company for International Trading 2234005 [email protected] Palestine
Paphos Import and Marketing 2327064 [email protected] [email protected] Palestine
Ros Company For Public Contracting 2294577 [email protected] Palestine
Rabah Furniture & Accessories 2951778 [email protected] Palestine
Mekkawi Trading 2967678 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Qassas Gaz Com. 2951083 Qassas [email protected] Palestine
Al-Qasrawie Trade & Manufacturing Company 2233950 [email protected] Palestine
Manoly For Trading & Industry Co. Ltd. 2742904 [email protected] Palestine
Palestine plastics industries Co. 2398716/7 [email protected] Palestine
Palestine Industrial Estate Develpment (Holding( 2971901 [email protected] Palestine
Palestenian Invesment & Develping Com. 2954028 [email protected] Palestine
Philadelphia for Heating & Air air Conditioning 2408337 [email protected] Palestine
Pharmix Co. Ltd 2403888 [email protected] Palestine
Petra Co. for Navigation and International Trading 2401001/2 [email protected] Palestine
Perma Stamp 2955998 [email protected] Palestine
Pama Forza Investment Company 2227676 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Masalma E. Equipment co. 2200691 [email protected] Palestine
Pal Broaster Supply Company 2986891 [email protected] Palestine
Solo Gym Co. 2977371 [email protected] Palestine
Palestenian Car Com. (Hyundai)) 2980026 [email protected] Palestine
Orient Trading Co. Ltd. 2775656 [email protected], Palestine
Omegatech Electrical Supplies Com. ltd 2442444 [email protected] Palestine
Auto One Investment Company 2902466 [email protected] Palestine
Specialized Medical Services Company 2986677 [email protected] Palestine
Bethlehem Medical Supplies Co. 2740990 [email protected], Palestine
Caramel Company of Commerce and Industry 2311490 [email protected] Palestine
Manasrah Development and Investment Co 2320791 [email protected] Palestine
Nussibeh For Agricultural Equipments And Products 2328156 [email protected] Palestine
Palestine Garden Company 232 8348 [email protected] Palestine
FINE Hygienic Paper Co. 2986940 [email protected] Palestine
Nasir Al-Junaidie For Construction Materials Trade 2221515 nour_star Palestine
Zahraa factory Co. for the manufacture of food and drink 2311505//2311134 [email protected] Palestine
Al Shark Arab Co. For Towels 2311071 [email protected] Palestine
Vision Technologies Company 2976308 [email protected] Palestine
Nour El-deen Nayroukh Company for Tade & Investment 2220267 [email protected] Palestine
Rama Factory 2988919 [email protected] Palestine
Yassin gallery 2942079 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Nay Add & Media Co 2963851 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Nawras Travel Agency 2985472 [email protected] Palestine
Albaghdad Supermarket 2900194 [email protected] Palestine
Al.Nabali Auto Services Co. (NASCO) 2955408 [email protected] Palestine
Nabali Currencey Exchange 2956155 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Deafa For Tourism Co 2976572 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Itqan Trading & Industrial Company 2903121 [email protected] Palestine
Computer Media Center C.M.C 2401227/8 [email protected] Palestine
Coffee House Company 2955090 [email protected] Palestine
Almukhmasi Rental & Trade Cars Co. 2420505 [email protected] Palestine
Mukhmas Fun Land Co. 2986875 [email protected] Palestine
Modern Technology Company 2772017 [email protected], Palestine
Al-Mazra’awi Communication 2892782 [email protected] Palestine
Saqa &Kudary Company 2952240 [email protected] Palestine
Alwadi AlAkhdar Store 2956942 mostafa-dauod@hotmai Palestine
Nablus Co. Of chemical cleaners 2311161 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Etqan For Haj & Omra Co. 2965475 [email protected] Palestine
Badrieh Aluminium Trading Co. 5856483 [email protected] Palestine
Batico Aluminium Trade Co. 5856483 [email protected] Palestine
B&R For Marketing & Investment 022341776 [email protected] Palestine
Radeef Co. 2963029 [email protected] Palestine
Milano For Aluminum & Shutters 2747168 [email protected] Palestine
V.B.M. Body Power 5851261 [email protected] Palestine
Midmac Contratcing Company 2400418 [email protected] Palestine
MICASA for Import & Customs Clearance Services 2971777 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Andalus Software Development & Technelogy ASD 2422406 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Shraq Alawsat Estblishment For Clearnace 2225650 [email protected] Palestine
Medipharm Co. Ltd. 2775244 [email protected], Palestine
Biolife Co. Ltd. 2774931 [email protected] Palestine
Mangement Consulting Services MCS” Co” -2954003 [email protected] Palestine
Shahd Electrical Engineering Consuluants Office 2429133 [email protected] Palestine
Masar For Trading & Industry 2967911 [email protected] Palestine
Gassan Jewelry & Diamonds Co. Ltd 6287630 [email protected] Palestine
Modern woman 2940113 [email protected] Palestine
Manasrah Brothers Decoration Co. 2220343 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Anwar Company For Stones & Marble Manufacturing 2222715 [email protected] Palestine
Al- Manar Al -Dahaby Company 2950857 [email protected] Palestine
Birzeit Pharm. Co. 2987574 [email protected] Palestine
DABDOUB TRADING & INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. 2743216 [email protected], Palestine
Malhees Co. of Industry and Commerce 2345919 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Ameera & Mujdouleen Cosmetics Company 2253567 [email protected] Palestine
Abu jbara show for furniture 2943867 [email protected] Palestine
Universe Logistics 6260555 [email protected] Palestine
Modern Arabian Business CORP- MABCO 2405764 [email protected] Palestine
Zone technologies LTD 2423096 [email protected] Palestine
Daoud brothers for import & export 2940931 [email protected] Palestine
Moh’d Abumunshar For Construction Materials 2220333 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Niser Al-Arabi For Traveling &Tourism 2215970 [email protected] Palestine
Leen Company For Cosmatics & Medical Preparations 2958315 [email protected] Palestine
General Colour Painting Co. 2410575 [email protected] Palestine
Style Com. For Furniture 2405232 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Kurdi Importing & Marketing Co. 6260383 [email protected] Palestine
Khalejeya Boteak 2953929 [email protected] Palestine
Naddaf Company for General Trading 2666053 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Omari Export & Import Company 2404650 [email protected] Palestine
Samarah & Kawamlah 2401255 [email protected] Palestine
Razan for Tiles and Mosices 0599282238- 2745780 [email protected] Palestine
Sheikh Qasem Food Industry Co. 2798849 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Remawi for Building Materiales Co. 2956477/2952375 [email protected] Palestine
wireless electronics amwaj co. 2901732 [email protected] Palestine
The company’s green modern industry 0505-325412/2691047 [email protected] Palestine
Ganm Company for General Trading 2678345/0599-750775 [email protected] Palestine
Jordan Kuwait Bank 2406725 [email protected] Palestine
Jerusalem Marble & Stone Co 2763804 [email protected], Palestine
Jerusalem Marble & Stone Company 6729980 [email protected] Palestine
Jericho Mineral Water Company 2322111 [email protected] Palestine
Jelanco Manufacturing & Trade Company 2225759 [email protected] Palestine
Jordina Co. for Investment 2441862 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Rebatt Trade & Mrketing of Food 2421716 [email protected] Palestine
Kana’an Trade Center 2984105 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Mahdi for Trading Cars & General Trading Co. 2902848 [email protected] Palestine
Jala Care For Marketing Of Cosmatics & Detergent 2748417 [email protected], Palestine
Al-Jafal Group for Trad & Inv. Co. 2405829 [email protected] Palestine
Pal-Mark Group 2950123 [email protected] Palestine
Zainah Technology 2963366 [email protected] Palestine
Italy Fittings 2767291 [email protected] Palestine
Tamko For Import & Export Co. 2775337 [email protected], Palestine
Jordan Business Systems 2405840 [email protected] Palestine
Petra International Export Co. LTD 2960701 [email protected] Palestine
Isabell Trading & Import Co 2749162 [email protected], Palestine
El Concorde Construction Company 2961261 [email protected] Palestine
Zuloum Bro’s Trading Co. Ltd 2223290 [email protected] Palestine
Zein Companey for Public Relation & General Trading 2955120 [email protected] Palestine
Pal Yellow Pages Company 2964446 [email protected] Palestine
Yabous Old Stone Commecial & Industrial Co. 2345787 [email protected] Palestine
Yabous Old Stone Commecial & Industrial Co. 2345787 [email protected] Palestine
X Barter Company 2985852/3 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Waleed For Cutting Stone & Marble Co. 2769128 [email protected] Palestine
ALTAQADUM for marble &stones 02-2268717 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Taqadom Co. for Scales & Metal Furniture Manufacturing 2259829 [email protected] Palestine
Super Nimer industrial investment Company 2291219 [email protected] Palestine
ElZAIN International Co. LTD 2342777 [email protected] Palestine
The New Co. for Stone & Marble 2745162 [email protected] Palestine
Suhail & Sahib Trade & Industrial 2744933 [email protected] Palestine
Solutions for Development Consulting Co. 2970710 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Sharabaty Modern Co.For & Stone 2217141 Palestine
Abdul-Hai Shaheen Bus Station 2327576 [email protected] Palestine
Salamah Engineering ComFor Heating & Air Conditioning 2950090 [email protected] Palestine
Sabti Trading & Industrial Co. Ltd. 2773333 [email protected], Palestine
Royaal Manufacturing & Trade Company 2255315 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Ra’dah Investment Co. 2769088- 0599524444 [email protected] Palestine
Raed Cosmetics Co. 2772435 [email protected], Palestine
Raed Cosmetics Co. 2772435 [email protected] Palestine
Quzmar brothers company 2947210 [email protected] Palestine
Nieroukh Scales Metallic Furniture CO. LTD. 2233320 [email protected] Palestine
Nassar Stone Investment & General Contracting Co. 2747706 info@Nassar Stone.Com, Palestine
Marmara Modern Investment Co. 2745552 [email protected], Palestine
Mansour brothers company 2943904 [email protected] Palestine
Maayeh Manufacturing Co. 2956979 [email protected] Palestine
Aljuneidi For Trade & Industrial Engineering 2220559 [email protected] Palestine
Jerusalem Stone Source, Inc. 2770063 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Janene General Trading Co. Ltd. 2765754 [email protected] Palestine
Khamis Trading For F. Materials Co. Ltd. 2741304 [email protected], Palestine
Al-Ja’abari Stone & Marble Co. 2745348 [email protected] Palestine
Tahar Engineering Company for Development and Investment 2397951 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Herbawi For Investment & International Trade – Hitco Co 2226789 [email protected] Palestine
Herbawi Home Center Company for Industry 2253841 [email protected] Palestine
Herbawi Industrial & Trading Co 2228445 [email protected] Palestine
Hassouna Construtive Matrrials Stores 2956615 [email protected] Palestine
Golden Wheat Mills Company 2818013 [email protected] Palestine
Global Com Communications Co. LTD 2975108 [email protected] Palestine
Almstaqbal factory for pipline 02-2265321 [email protected] Palestine
Exolt Mobile Company 2965740 [email protected] Palestine
Design House Co. 2404443 [email protected] Palestine
Darna Bakery Co. 2971535 [email protected] Palestine
DANAMED Investment & Trading Company 2902111 [email protected] Palestine
Bit Technology Company 2976252 [email protected] Palestine
New Atlas Marble Company 2767877 [email protected], [email protected] Palestine
Al-Arja Textile Co. Ltd. 2765345 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Watanieh Securities Co. 2971614 [email protected] Palestine
AlTakaful Palestine Insurance Company 2404211 [email protected] Palestine
Al Taher Warehouse Trading Company 2251990 Palestine
Alrafah Microfinance Bank 2978710 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Juneidi Dairy & Food Stuff Co 2229011 [email protected] Palestine
Company of the Palestinian Islamic Development 2681116 [email protected] Palestine
National Laboratory for cracking almond 2673516 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Bayed Investment & Sanitary Ware Co. 2299467 [email protected] Palestine
Al-A’anan Company For Quaries & Investement 2226091 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Ameen Tech. Company 2988555 [email protected] Palestine
Al amal for alminuim co. 2946922 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Jibrinie Dairy Company 2259612 [email protected] Palestine
Alternative Business Solutions 2971528 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Zulmout Distribution Co 2283861 [email protected] Palestine
Herbawee Idustrial Commercial Company 2984606/2952301 [email protected] Palestine
Almunir Services & Consulting Co. 2987805 [email protected] Palestine
Alnabulsi & Sides Co. Ltd 2340082 [email protected] Palestine
Expo Works Plus For Exhibition 2404054 [email protected] Palestine
Bethlehem Star Olive Wood Factory 2764656 [email protected] Palestine
Horaizon for Sustainable Development 2406640 [email protected] Palestine
The Holy Land Handicrafts Cooperative Society 2773087 [email protected] Palestine
B Cell for Communication & Advanced Technology 2981108 [email protected] Palestine
Al Jazeera Channel 2951414/3 [email protected] Palestine
Mount of Green Olive – Jabal AlZayton AlAkdar 2980316 [email protected] Palestine
Palestine Investment Fund 2974971 [email protected] Palestine
Beit Al-Maqdes Glass & Mirror Co. 6569971-2-3-4 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Hayat A/C Company 2957481 [email protected] Palestine
Khaled Hawwash & Brothers Co. For Timber 2311980 [email protected] Palestine
Asa’ad Hassoneh Cars Trading Company 2406236 [email protected] Palestine
New Media Consulting Services & Media Company 2950114 [email protected] Palestine
Hanna Su. S. Fawadleh Contracting 2971978 [email protected] Palestine
Top Drink Factory 505639613 [email protected] Palestine
Halaika Co. Ltd. 2745757 [email protected] Palestine
Siwar for mosaics and stone 2740317 [email protected], Palestine
Gulf Emerete for Investment Co. 2954678 [email protected] Palestine
Aljenan green clothes and Nfouteh Co 2228560 [email protected] Palestine
Grand Engineering Systems Co. 2420523 [email protected] Palestine
Target For Investatment Company 2211133 [email protected] Palestine
Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Industries 2742855 [email protected] Palestine
Global Services Transport & Treade Office 2901235 [email protected] Palestine
Ghaith Trading Company For Lite Bevarage and Food Stuff 2224425 [email protected] Palestine
Golden Globe Tourse Co. 2965111 [email protected] Palestine
Climatech Investment Co. 2956960 [email protected] Palestine
Gentrade Co. 2950074 [email protected] Palestine
Gear One Car Trading Co. 2401847 [email protected] Palestine
Friends Motors 2416666 [email protected] Palestine
Bandak Importers Co. L.T.D. 2760440 [email protected], Palestine
Company Fleifel Trade and Industry Textile 2675927 [email protected] Palestine
Omar shawar company 2940026 [email protected] Palestine
Areen company for import & export 2948334 [email protected] Palestine
Mobile Interactive Technologies 2950658 [email protected] Palestine
Ring Palestine 2950658 [email protected] Palestine
Center for Organizational Excellence 2414145/6 [email protected] Palestine
Mohamed F.M. Al-Atrash & Brothers 2772560 [email protected] Palestine
F.A. Hanna Co. 2963258 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Shorouq Cartoon Company 2221360 [email protected] Palestine
Express Pizza Co. 2966566 [email protected] Palestine
Experts Trading Co. 2402908 [email protected] Palestine
ESSCO Educational Scintefic Supplies Com. Ltd. 2903381 [email protected] Palestine
Emirates Palestinian Cars 2954734 [email protected] Palestine
Amie-Arab Medical Insrtuments And Equipment 2956132 [email protected] Palestine
AL-SAFI IMPORT – EXPORT CO 022448735 [email protected] Palestine
Aleman trading co. 2772010 [email protected] Palestine
Electrochemical Meatllizing EST. (Agricutlural Technochemical) Co. 2401868 [email protected] Palestine
Dynamic Co. for Packaging and Printing Services LTD 2973453 [email protected] Palestine
Palestinian Agricultural Com. (Agripal) 2974020 [email protected] Palestine
Straight Jeans Est. 2347233 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Muha Generl Trading Company 2227461 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Bairaq Al- Arabi Publishing and Distribution 2950521 [email protected] Palestine
Ali Akhawan agricultural company 2660815 [email protected] Palestine
Dadco InternationalFurniture 2440052 [email protected] Palestine
Abu-Sunaineh Cristal Company 2212169 [email protected] Palestine
Modern Co. For Construction Supplies 2225682 [email protected] Palestine
Creative Design Com 2975174 [email protected] Palestine
Consolidated Palestinian Company for Steel Industry Ltd 2325002 [email protected] Palestine
Rand Import & Trade Company 2521939 [email protected] Palestine
Combact company for computers 2941776 [email protected] Palestine
Comet Industrial Co. 2772654 [email protected], Palestine
Comet Industrial Co. 2772654 [email protected] Palestine
National Beverage Company Coca-Cola 2987559 [email protected] Palestine
Carmel International Shipping Services LTD. 2954788 [email protected] Palestine
Brother Engineering Co. 2964137 [email protected] Palestine
Cremisan Convent 2742605-6 [email protected] Palestine
BioNatural 2956482 [email protected] Palestine
Yaser Furniture Co. 2745462 [email protected], Palestine
Bazzar Printing and advertising 2986766 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Bayed For Food Substances Trade 2231011 [email protected] Palestine
Bassim nazzal institution 2944785 [email protected] Palestine
Lazer Manufacturing & Trade Company 2230570 [email protected] Palestine
Bait Al – Maqdes Trading Company 2413232 [email protected] Palestine
The Direct Way for Training and Consulting 2421004 [email protected] Palestine
NorShams Nurshury 2977002 [email protected] Palestine
Backaldrin Holy Land Company 2292213 [email protected] Palestine
Alwanda Co. 022777447 [email protected] Palestine
Azure Investment Co. 2957850 [email protected] Palestine
MENA Geothermal Ground Energy & Investment Shareholding Private Company Ltd 2958355 [email protected] Palestine
AWAEL SATELLITE CO 2343051 ِ[email protected] Palestine
Attalla T. Ind. Co. Ltd. (Olive W. Factory) 022772710 [email protected] Palestine
Atlas Company for Marble & Contracting 2743122 [email protected] Palestine
Atlas for Mapping Tech & Surveying Instruments 2974233 [email protected] Palestine
Atlantic Electro Mechanical Contracting Co. 2403565 [email protected] Palestine
Adeco Investment Company 2225859 ashy [email protected] Palestine
Edaisko 2229330 ashy [email protected] Palestine
Ashour Manufacturing & Trade Company 2230533 [email protected] Palestine
Techno Light Engineering Company 2965744 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Aref Aluminum Company 2901022 [email protected] Palestine
International Technical Advisory Services & Solutions 2413999 [email protected] Palestine
Aqsa al ganoub for stones &marbels [email protected] Palestine
Hatem Shawar Fashion Exhibition 2220295 [email protected] Palestine
Al-quds Center Com. Media & Communications 2976555 [email protected] Palestine
Consumer company for trade and investment 2420250 [email protected] Palestine
Amani Tours 2987013 [email protected] Palestine
Alwakeel International Trading Co LTD 2294794 [email protected] Palestine
AL- Sous For Plastic 2773989 [email protected], Palestine
Al-Shomo’o Mall For Investment 2955753 [email protected] Palestine
Al SAfa Engineering company of the electric 2423468 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Rami Motors Company 2409760 [email protected] Palestine
Zamzam Company For Plastic Manufacturing 2228950 [email protected] Palestine
AlNAjah Secondary School 2408720 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Mua’sira For Dev. & Marble Co. Ltd. 2741105 – 2767810 [email protected], Palestine
Al-Montaha Trading Company For Export & Import 2217794 [email protected] Palestine
Almasri co. for industrial equipments 2941218 [email protected] Palestine
Almashreq for Mony-Changing 2292664 [email protected] Palestine
Al Manasrah Import & Export Co. [email protected] Palestine
Al-Manar For Furniture & Electrical Equipment Company 2227947 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Madar Contracts & Investment Co. 2769788 [email protected], Palestine
Al Khaial General Trading Company 2252583 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Juman Company 2972177 [email protected] Palestine
Arab Brothers For Precast Industries and Contracting 2286808 [email protected] Palestine
Al Haram Company For Blastic Products 2291449 [email protected] Palestine
Al- Funun Printing Co, 2903903 [email protected] Palestine
The Three Musketeers General Contracting Company 2984719 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Falah For Construction Co 2989332 [email protected] Palestine
alestiqlal co. 2980337 [email protected] Palestine
Paris Garments Company 2230342 [email protected] Palestine
Al-deek Al-Thahabee Textile Company 2233678 [email protected] Palestine
Dajani Import & Export Co. 2765549 [email protected], Palestine
Qaraman Office Automation Co. Ltd. 2744646 [email protected], Palestine
Al Arz Icecream Factory Co. 2377677 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Aqsa for Marble & Contracting Co. 2765011 [email protected], Palestine
Al’alamya For Aoutomotive Spare Parts & Services 2902367 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Zaitoon Company For Woods Trade 2281037 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Muna Exhibtion 2770020 [email protected], Palestine
Factory Mortadella-Manar 2674348 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Awael Co. for Trading & Furniture 2958724 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Ajoli Co. for Trading & Inv. 2401282 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Rafaty For Marbel & Graneet Com 2970172 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Bura’ Mable & Stone Company 2259818 [email protected] Palestine
Tulip Investment Co. 2988060 [email protected] Palestine
Ajyad Falasteen Investment Co. 2406266 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Ahlam for Stone & Marble 2740549 [email protected] Palestine
Al-Jabria Company For Construction Materials Trade 2226131 [email protected] Palestine
Rayyan Import & Export Company 2225764 [email protected] Palestine
Alsalam Investment Group 2228913 [email protected] Palestine
Adam Printing 2974778 [email protected] Palestine
Al sabi agricultural company 2942727 [email protected] Palestine
Al sabi international company 2949484 [email protected] Palestine
S. Abu Sbeh Furniture Stores 2952401 [email protected] Palestine
Abu-Tarboosh Co. Stanles Steel Works 2760223 [email protected] Palestine
Alsabi palestinian commercial company 2946351 [email protected] Palestine
AlDukmak Meat & Trading Company 2958463 [email protected] Palestine
Abdoh & Companions General Services Company 2213853 [email protected] Palestine
Fadel Abdeen & Sons Exchange 2222351 [email protected] Palestine
Shanghai Motors Company 2424772 [email protected] Palestine
Al Farashat Import & Export Co. 2581404 [email protected] Palestine
Raddad Brothers Zan Furneture 2902037 [email protected] Palestine
Sherket Althahbia Lilestthemarat Aldawaliah LTD 022340344 0598312712 Palestine
Herbawi Group Co 02-5849655 [email protected] [email protected] Palestine


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