Most times than not you will come across many people with mad ambition to start a lucrative business. With alluring profits within a glimpse of sight, many are inclined towards starting businesses. Without a doubt, profits are the bottom line of many businesses. However, it is wise to set your foot forward with the precedent that there will be an earmarked difference.

Personal Development

Having a decent cheque from time to time will have everyone in a happy knack. While this is great, working on your skills and abilities is paramount.  A business requires military discipline, getting out of your comfort zone, and ample belief in oneself, and undivided determination to succeed.

Not only are these aspects crucial in supporting a business but also crucial are the required skills.  Before setting foot into the business, one needs to cultivate a lot of skills that will build the business. It is from these skills that the foundation of the business is set from. That said, personal development is a trajectory from which businesses thrive.

Solutions to Problems

It goes without saying that if your business seeks to solve a mind-boggling problem then you have made a difference. By impacting many livelihoods, businesses that anchor on solving of daily problems thrive for many years.  Being affectionate about a brilliant idea is only lucrative to yourself if the idea does not speak to the masses as a remedy for a stubborn problem.

In a world with complex problems, finding a business that seamlessly solves the nerve wrecking problem is not rocket science. It is from this preamble that many technology companies set their business foundation on. Such is also the case with operations that endeavor to help the common person out and, in the process, returns are made.

Huge Capital Investments

Most of the businesses that require a lot of capital have a lot of returns. In essence, many people are inclined towards these businesses so as to obtain the surmountable returns. Such businesses plummet the profits as they tend to have high overheads.

Rather than having a business due to its income potential, looking at its long-term viability is key. This is especially the case where you venture into the business with the need to have it running for many years. You will be considered a failure if greed is the economic fuel behind your motive rather than small steps forward that are pace setters.

Business Risks

Although businesses are a means to harness a lot of wealth, plunging without an anchor is a complete catastrophe.  Surviving in a vibrant environment needs one to be extremely competent. A small mishap could bring your business into a complete halt. That said, it is wise to venture into a business where your passion burns and you are able to pull it back from the ground.

The fact that most businesses start with a stunted growth then gear up in a few years, venturing into a business is not a walk in the park.  As such, there should be a grounded reason that one can hold onto so as to be able to spring back once the business comes crumbling down. It is no wonder then that most farmers are passionate about their products and not the mere reason of having money.

Making A difference is Tasteful

If your business is a great economic power, then its impact is thoroughly enjoyed when it has a ripple effect in the society. Not only is this tasteful but also noble.  Making a difference entails having an ethical ground such as fair wages, being mindful of the environment and giving back to the society at large.

A business that sources its raw materials responsibly has a resounding effect. Even though the margins might suffer under the huge weight of recyclable materials, such businesses thrive for many years. Your business will make a difference in the world by choosing to stick to materials that are eco-friendly without fear. It will also stand out as it recognizes the value of the green environment and not just merely making profits.

Ethical behavior

A business should boast of its identity as an ethics upholder and not just by the numbers of the wealth it has amassed. The real test of professionalism will showcase the ability to help others and steer clear of greed. By doing so, a business will set itself apart in terms of how it conducts business.

Instead of delving into personal gains while practicing ruthless decisions, businesses should uphold ethical behavior at all times. Fairness and integrity among many other values should be prioritized without solely looking at the prospects of financial gain. To avoid going astray, these values should be reiterated and embraced by all employees. This indeed will make a difference to both internal and external stakeholders.

Charities and Giving Back

Many consumers have been seen to prefer a certain brand over another as they identify with the cause of the business. Where organizations choose to give back to the community, consumers incline and applaud such businesses as they also want to indirectly contribute to the welfare of society.

Integrating charitable causes in your business should be a norm that you will pride yourself in. Doing good by the masses is charitable and ensures vibrancy in the long-term. This can also mean customer loyalty with purchasers that identify with your cause. Further, you will be able to differentiate yourself in leaps and bounds by stifling down your competitors.



Having a business on material concerns alone is a primal thing.  Having a social impact and delving into it should not be for reputation purposes. Rather, solving societal problems, giving back, practicing ethics and developing personally should be fully embraced.

The best way to flourish as a business is to have the foundation of making a difference as the trademark of your business. It is worthwhile to have a resounding effect on the community at large and not just for capitalistic motives.


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